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Favorite cat and kitten products for 2023

If you know me, you know I spend A LOT of time and money trying out and reviewing products for cats and kittens. As a cat sitter, cat owner, kitten foster parent, and veterinary technician I am often asked for my opinions on all things cats! It's been a while since I made a post about my favorite things, and recently I tried some brand new products that my cat family has loved and I couldn't wait to share them with you.

1. Kitten food:

I've always been a fan of Royal Canin kitten/babycat food and that's what I often have on hand for my foster kittens. Recently I have had picky foster kittens who actually weren't keen on this food. After trying various replacements, I stumbled upon kitten food pouches by Tiki Cat. In general I'm usually not a fan of cat food that comes in pouches, but the texture of this food lends well to a pouch. It slides out easily and you don't waste any of the food. This food would be great for kittens who are weaning from the bottle onto solid food (the "slurry stage") because it's a very smooth mousse.

2. Treats

If you're a cat owner or cat/kitten foster parent you're probably familiar with the old standby, Churu tubes (aka "meat tubes"). These are all around great cat treats that I find many cats enjoy, and now Churu comes in more forms! I stumbled upon

Churu Bites a couple months ago at a local pet supply store and I immediately bought them. All of my cats and foster kittens love them! They're a small chewy tube with soft Churu in the middle. I've been told by some cat owners that they can be used as a "pill pocket" since you can stuff a pill inside the tube!

Churu also makes "pops" which were a big hit, but funnily enough my toothless cat had a hard time eating them from the tube!

3. Toys!

Toys are so important for kitten development as well as for keeping adult cats busy and engaged! Many cats like to play with toys, but it can take trial and error to find the right ones for your cat. I have tried hundreds of cat toys, and the following are a few that always seem to be a hit in my household as well as with the cat owners I recommend them to!

First up is the "flutter" cat toy. If you know me you know I've recommended this toy before on my blog. And if you're one of my cat sitting clients

I've probably recommended it to you, too! This toy wins awards in my book because it's stimulating, it doesn't make too much noise, it's battery powered, you can buy replacement butterflies once the cat inevitably rips them apart... it's also great for when you need to be a little hands off and you want your cat or kitten to play


As far as cat wand toys go, while this isn't a new product, it's one I've been

recommending for years! What I love about this wand: it's at a great price point, you get multiple attachments, the handle grip is soft and ergonomic, AND the wand comes apart into 2 pieces for easy storage (I keep mine in a cat toy drawer!). The little fuzzy worms are especially a hit!

4. Scratchers

Cats and kittens are often very particular about the texture of their scratchers, so if they don't like the first one you buy, it doesn't mean they won't like any of them! Scratchers come in all sorts of textures like cardboard, sisal/hemp, carpet, etc. My cats seem to prefer sisal/hemp and cardboard over carpeted scratchers. Also, when it comes to any furniture, I like to buy items that are cute and I lean toward cat furniture that will fit in with my decor.

A big hit in my home have been the cactus cat scratchers. My cats like them so much that I have the 3 pole version as well as the single pole version! I've had both scratchers for over a year and neither has unraveled and the dangling ball is still attached.

Hanging scratchers are also a great option. For one, some cats prefer being able to reach higher onto a flat surface to scratch. Two, they don't take up any floor space! They can be hung from doorknobs or hooks on your wall. I really like the new ones from Happy and Polly. My cats prefer the texture of this kind of cat scratcher, plus like all Happy and Polly products, they're super cute!

Another fun and super cute option from Happy and Polly is their egg shaped scratcher! This one sits on the floor, which is great for cats who prefer low scratching options.

5. Trees/furniture

As I mentioned earlier, I prefer cat furniture that blends in with my own furniture and decor (my style leans toward midcentury modern with colorful pops). This is why I've chosen the following cat furniture to feature!

Vesper makes some of my favorite cat furniture. A lot of their products do have a higher price point, but honestly they're worth it. They are made from quality materials and will last you for years! I've had this Vesper High Cat Tree for a few years and it's still in amazing shape. Because my cat Forest LOVES the hemp rope and it's his go-to scratcher, I have replaced the rope on one of the poles. But, all I needed was a hot glue gun and a roll of rope which cost less than $10! The hard surfaces are easy to clean and sanitize, and the pads are removable (they're held in place by very sturdy velcro) and can be machine washed as needed. Last, this cat tree blends in with my existing furniture!

I recently purchased this Happy and Polly tree and my cats immediately took to it. While I love their colorful and whimsical designs, I chose to go with one of their neutral pieces to fit in more with my decor. Eventually when I move and have a dedicated foster room, I plan on getting some of their colorful pieces!

6. Miscellaneous

Cat water fountains! I have a lot of thoughts on cat water fountains and I've personally tried several, and have used several in my clients' homes. When it comes to water fountains, one thing that drives me crazy are fountains that have a lot of inner parts that are either very difficult to clean, or impossible to clean. While many clients and cats love the Catit flower water fountain, what I don't like

about it is it has so many crevices that can't be cleaned (like the spouts on the petals). The solution? The PetKit water fountain! This fountain is the best I've found when it comes to ease of filling and cleaning. There are no little crevices or moving parts that you can't clean. It's also incredibly quiet, and to fill it you can easily lift the top off of the base and take it to your sink. If you want to be extra fancy, the company offers an app where you can track the water level (which can be helpful in quantifying how much your cats are drinking). And of course, I love the sleek and modern design.

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- Erica aka The Philly Kitty Lady

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