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pet hospice and palliative care 

Important note: Erica does not provide euthanasia services. She will work with your vet to arrange services if/when needed.


One of the hardest parts of pet ownership is knowing when to say goodbye. This can become increasingly complicated if your pet is suffering from a chronic, incurable illness, or if they are simply experiencing the decline of advanced age. 

Since entering the field of veterinary medicine in 2012, Erica has assisted with and performed countless euthanasia procedures. She has always strived to make them as calming and stress free for the owner as possible. Despite this, she was acutely aware of the gaps that can be present from the time the euthanasia conversation begins, as well as after the pet is gone. Pet owners are often given online resources to consult when considering when "it's time" and asked to keep their veterinary team abreast of concerns with the pet. This always felt impersonal, and after losing her "heart cat" Oscar (pictured above) in the spring of 2022, Erica decided to pursue further training in the specialty of pet hospice and palliative care. Erica has received a certification in Pet Hospice and Palliative Care from AAHA (American Animal Hospital Association).

Because this is an individualized process that can span days, to weeks, to months, Erica does charge for this service. However, like all of her services, she has elected to keep the fee minimal so that more pet owners have access to this necessary care.

Pet Hospice and Palliative Care Package $375

By purchasing this package, you will receive:

  • Erica's detailed guide on her personal insights and experience regarding pet end of life decisions and options

  • Erica's expert advice regarding palliative care treatment options

  • 24 hour support from Erica for pet emergencies/decline 

  • As scheduling allows (and based on the urgency), Erica can attend the euthanasia if you choose for extra support

  • Pet loss grief support following your pet's departure


  • Erica can communicate with your veterinarian on your pet's behalf regarding their health status

  • Erica can explain your pet's test results and exam findings in an easy to understand manner

To inquire about this service, please contact Erica at

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